Why We Wrote The Books

Creative Footage wants to know what are you “writing “ today in your life script? Is it worth watching? Can someone learn from you or be inspired by your life?

If not, you need a new script writer and His name is Jesus. Let Him write on your heart for all the world to see.

The story of how one can endure tremendous loss in a short amount of time; how one can walk through it, with their joy and spirit in tact and bear great fruit from the seeds planted.

Creative Footage…a story unfolding

Mary Pat Jones

Creative Footage is an organization that evolved out of tragedy but is willed to serve others through it. The concept for Creative Footage includes anything that “creates footage” and tells a story through life’s experiences. It is making a choice of what the next line or the next chapter might say about life and then sharing it with others.

We are open for growth for anything that God might put in our heart to help bring forth life and life more abundantly. In other words, blessed, broken and given away.

Creative Footage wants to know what are you “writing” today?

Please contact me to discuss how I can minister to these deep heart needs.

Contact information: Rick or Mary Pat Jones **706 646 4908**

Our email: Jones1885@gmail.com