About the Books

Mary Pat and Rick have many years of ministry experience and minister and teach at every opportunity.

Walking through Fiery Trials

She really did not believe it could get worse, but it did.  The personal losses that may have destroyed someone else only made her more determined to keep walking. Stopping was not an option. She had been there before in other events in her life. She was not going down this time.

As she walked, she realized it was not just about her, but an opportunity to represent God to others in the midst of tragedy.

Walking through Fiery Trials is her story of this challenging journey through death and its torment, and faith and its triumph. She shares her heart with gut-wrenching transparency. With a raw, unedited candor, she exposes her weaknesses and how she was able to keep her faith and trust in God as she walked through the fiery trials.

This book will challenge your own faith and the importance of knowing who you really are when your world is shaken.

Have you ever been at a loss to comfort a friend who has suffered a great loss? You realize you really have no words.

Mary Pat Jones suffered the loss of three tragic and separate deaths inside of a year. Three unrelated deaths. There was no time to recover from the loss of a son before her other son was in a tragic accident that left him a quadriplegic. As she rushed across country to be with him, she learns her mother has terminal cancer.

The story of her journey will encourage those who have suffered a loss and strengthen the one whose loved one is now handicapped.

She shares her grief, her frustrations, her joys and moments of triumph.

Keep Walking…Short Messages for Bold Faith

This book is a result of several years of writing short newsletters, whose purpose was to save Mary Pat’s life at a time of desperate need. She had to learn more about “this man Jesus” who came to show us how to walk through this thing called life. If Jesus did, then so could she. He became her role model. He came out on the other side with a resurrected life. That life is just what Mary Pat needed to survive.

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